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Medical Oncology


Chemotherapy destroys quick-growing cancer cells using drugs and restricts their spread before they grow into other parts of the body. Nevertheless, they also have an effect on the body’s non-cancerous cells, as a result this leads to side effects. There are two types of chemotherapy—adjuvant chemotherapy and neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Certain types of chemotherapy could decrease the speed of cancer cell growth and stop them from disseminating to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy can be used in combination with radiation to aid in reducing the size of a tumour before a surgery. Chemotherapy can be used after radiation or surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells too.

In Reliance Hospital Cancer Care - Solapur, chemotherapy is given at our specialised treatment sections professionally and effectively and the entire process is managed by a team of oncology-trained nurses closely monitor the patient. The chemotherapy ward and trained nursing staff take care of each patient’s individual needs. They ready the doses prescribed by doctors at special stations making sure strict infection control practices are followed. The chemotherapy ward is on the ground floor and makes entry and exit convenient for patients, reducing the overall time spent in receiving treatment.

The Reliance Hospital Cancer Care - Solapur facility has been established to achieve the goal of giving safe, advanced and effective treatment in a clean and accessible atmosphere. We intend to focus on several facets of the patient’s disease using with a methodical approach with a team comprising a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and support services. It is our belief that the latest technology and compassionate care should be given to all patients, young or old if they are in need of complex cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy Day Care Unit

Reliance Hospital Cancer Care - Solapur houses a dedicated day care unit for patients to receive chemotherapy. This 10-bedded unit is manned by our chemotherapy specialist nurses. It has a procedure room for performing routine medical procedures and there is a separate pharmacy room for proper handling and preparation of chemotherapy drugs. The day care unit is equipped with monitoring facilities for use during chemotherapy administration, ensuring complete patient safety.

Chemotherapy Specialist Nurses

In Reliance Hospital Cancer Care - Solapur, chemotherapy is administered by chemotherapy specialist nurses. These nurses are specifically trained for delivering chemotherapy safely and effectively. They also provide services such as health education, counselling and emotional support for our patients and their caregivers.