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Laboratory Medicine

Sample Collection

Sample collection

We have a dedicated and temperature-controlled phlebotomy area with well-trained staff following international protocols. Sample collections are done systematically in sterile containers, with one patient being attended to at one time. To save the time of patients and their relatives, medical reports are delivered via email and courier services as well as distributed at the hospital.

An automated barcode system is used in sampling to negate any errors in results.

Utmost care is taken by the Phlebotomy staff while collection of blood samples so that the patient feels very minimal pain, and discomfort, and also there is no double pricking required.

The collected blood samples are handled with care and immediately transported to the Laboratory via pneumatic chutes, so that they are processed at the earliest, and there is no delay in the reports.

The staff are well trained in complying with all safety measures such as hand hygiene, using appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves etc.

The pneumatic chute opens up in the Accessioning area of the Laboratory, where the samples are received, and further distributed to the appropriate work stations promptly.