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General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery at Reliance Hospital deals with an extensive range of surgical ailments and emergencies. In addition to treating minor swellings, our team of surgeons are adept at performing complex abdominal surgeries and treating trauma cases. Largely, abdominal surgeries are carried out via keyhole surgery. Backing our team of surgeons are trained nurses, technicians and state-of-the-art operation theatres. Minimal access surgery is completed with one or more small incisions instead of a large incision. The surgeon passes a telescope with a video camera through a small incision, which is usually only a quarter inch long, into a body cavity. Small incisions just like this are made to pass surgical instruments. The surgeon examines and operates on the area in question by viewing magnified images on a monitor. When the telescope is used to operate on the abdomen, the procedure is called laparoscopy. Minimal invasive methods are utilised as much as possible in our hospital so that you can recover fast.


  • Latest technology of 4K system for imaging
  • Laparoscopes

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