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Critical Care Medicine

The intensive care unit (ICU) at Reliance Hospital accommodates 41 multifunctional critical beds, with each cubicle spread across an average area of over 100 sq ft. It has a robust team of experienced doctors and trained nursing teams specialised in critical care services. The people and infrastructure at our hospital is aptly equipped to deal with the diagnosis and management of critical and near-fatal conditions.

Policies and Protocols

  • Admission and discharge criteria: There are predefined admission criteria for selecting and triaging patients. Once the patients are stabilised, they will be shifted out of the ICU only after satisfying the predefined discharge criteria.
  • Hospital infection control policies: The ICU is the forerunner in implementing the HIC policies in an attempt to keep various Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) rates below international standards.
  • Antibiotics stewardship programme: The ICU at Reliance Hospital is committed to rational use of antibiotics in the endeavour to reduce the menace of antibiotic resistance. This will in turn reduce the burden of MDR infections and its associated costs and mortality.
  • Nutritional protocol: This enables the treating clinicians to fulfil the needs of all the critically ill patients who usually suffer from various degrees of malnutrition.
  • End of life care policy: For those who suffer from terminal and irreversible diseases, where futility of aggressive care is established beyond doubt, care will be redirected to comfort or palliative care in consultation with the family.
  • Disease-specific protocols: These protocols cover various common emergencies like stroke and septic shock where timely intervention has improved the patient's health.