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Clinical Haematology

Clinical haematology deals with the cause, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases related to the blood and lymphatic system. It includes benign and malignant conditions affecting blood cell and stem cell transplant like blood cancer.

The Department of Haematology at Reliance Hospital offers 24-hour emergency services for the evaluation and treatment of haematological patients. The department has a comprehensive setup of haematological services—outpatient and inpatient clinics, laboratory, blood bank—along with a pool of highly skilled doctors, including a clinical haematologist specialised in haematology and haemato-oncology and a haemato-pathologist supporting with haemato-pathology services. There are dedicated oncology nurses trained in handling chemotherapy drugs to avoid any errors. There's also a chemotherapy daycare facility, which allows us to offer chemotherapy on outpatient basis (where the patient comes to the hospital in the morning and goes home the same day).