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Oncology is a modality of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of tumors and cancers. Cancer is a condition in which cells grow on their own forming a tumor that spreads in other parts of the body. Various factors are responsible that may lead to cancer - like inherited genetic defects, infections, external environments and sedentary lifestyle. Thousands of people across the globe lose their lives every day to incurable cancer.

India witnesses a notable amount of cancer patients every year with breast, cervical, oral and lung cancer being the most prevelant. However, some cancers are benign. These do not grow and can be treated completely if diagnosed in its early stages.

Best management of cancer is possible through multiple modes of treatment based on individual patient's physical, social and emotional status.

The Department of Oncology at Reliance Hospital facilitates team of experts which ensures delivery of care throughout one's cancer journey.


  • Comprehensive care covering treatment and management of all types of cancers
  • Dedicated And State-Of-The-Art Operation Theatres
  • High-End Technologies For Imaging
  • State-Of-The-Art Laboratories
  • Modern Equipment Used In Surgeries
  • TrueBeam Radiation Therapy System (This Can Treat Cancer Anywhere In The Body Where Radiation Treatment Is Indicated. It Enhances Safety And Reduces Operation Time.)

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