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Accident & Emergency


We Offer 24/7 Healthcare Services:

  • Easy to reach and connect for all through phone, emergency number-
  • A Separate Triage area dedicated for prioritising the emergencies.
  • Two Dedicated elevator only for Accident & Emergency Department for speedy relocation of patients to the intensive care units and operating rooms.

The highly advanced fully equipped Emergency unit ensures availability of facilities such as:

  • A dedicated minor operation theatre.
  • Designed as state-of-the-art Level-1 Trauma Centre, the unit has
    • An isolation room
    • Decontamination room for managing industrial trauma cases
    • Multifunction beds, separate triage beds with portable oxygen cylinders.
  • A separate resuscitation room
  • 2D echo machines, cardiac monitors, portable x-ray, sonography and ventilators
  • A pneumatic tube system for speedy transport of laboratory samples.