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Welcome to the InPatient Online Payment System of Reliance Hospital. This section allows you to make an online payment for a patient currently admitted into the hospital.

Kindly ensure that a copy of the confirmation screen or email is forwarded to a representative at the hospital since that will make the discharge and billing process simpler.
If you have any questions, please call us at +91-22-3966-6666

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  • Disclaimer
    The Skype consultation is a service provided by Reliance Hospital over the internet and has its limitations in terms of accuracy of interpretation of findings.

    The participants fully understand that it cannot be equated to an 'In Person' Consultation & Physical Examination that is necessary as part of any in depth evaluation of a patient prior to prescribing any treatment

    Participants in this Skype Consultation agree not to hold Reliance Hospital and/or any of its employees liable to the opinions given herein.