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Dr. Shalima Gautam

Consultant, Interventional Cardiology
Cardiac Sciences

MBBS, MD(Internal Medicine), DM(Cardiology)

Services Offered
Interventional procedures like angioplasties, valvuloplasties and pacemaker implantation
Education & Training

  • M.B.B.S., 1990-94, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Nagpur
  • M.D. General Medicine, 1999-2002, Government Medical College, Nagpur
  • D.N.B., 2002, Government Medical College, Nagpur
  • D.N.B., Cardiology, 2003-2006, Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre, new Delhi
  • FNB (Interventional Cardiology), 2007-2009, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai
  • FSCAI, 2010, Fellow of society of coronary angiography and interventions
  • FESC, 2016, Fellow of European society of Cardiology


Dr Shalima completed her DNB cardiology in year 2006.

She has extensive experience of the interventional procedures. Dr Shalima has done more than 600 angioplasties, 100 balloon valvotomies, many cardiac interventions and implant various kinds of pacemakers confidently and independently.

With an excellent experience coupled with confidence to manage patients with cardiac diseases with all necessary clinical skills optimal patient care is her prime objectives

Dr Shalima was also honoured with Outstanding Young Cardiologist Award-JCI, Zonal 2010, Outstanding National Young Person Achiever Award-National.

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi, Marathi

Doctor's Availability

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Professional Highlights

  • "Pseudocyst of pancreas with mediastinal extension " Rajeshraa Khot, RG Salkar, Madhuri Paithankar, Shalima Gautam, S. Sengupta, JAPI Sept. 2000;Vol.48.
  • "Extensive syrinx with charcot,s joints", AM Somalwar, VS Sahastrabhojaney, P Harkut, Shalima Gautam, SM Fusey JAPI Oct 2003;Vol.51.
  • Mechanical interventions in CAD: B. K. Goyal, Shalima Gautam: Cardiology Today: Nov- Dec 2008, Vol.12 No. 6.
  • Hepatitis E associated myocardial: an unusual entity: Goyal B. K., R. Kawar, Deepak Mishra, Shalima Gautam: Bombay Hospital Journal; Vol. 51 no. 3, July2009.
  • Two case reports of apical ballooning syndrome: A new entity. Goyal B. K., R. Kawar, Deepak Mishra, Shalima Gautam: Bomaby Hospital Journal; Vol 51 no. 3 July 2009.
  • A case of repaired TOF with infective endocarditis with aortic regurgitation: Shalima Gautam, Goyal B. K. R. Kawar, Deepak Mishra, Bombay Hospital Journal' Vol.51 no. 4, July 2009.
  • A case of bilateral severe peripheral pulmonary stenosis : Shalima Gautam, Goyal B. K., R. Kawar, Deepak Mishra, Bombay Hospital Journal; Vol. 51 no. 4, July 2009.
  • Pulmonary AV fistula in bilateral pulmonary thromboembolism with with PAH: Shalima Gautam, BK Goyal, Mishra D, Heart Asia, 2010.2:75
  • Successful stenting of a case of Simsons type 2 IVC membrane : D K Mishra, Shalima G, BK Goyal. Heart Asia, 2010.2.74
  • Mechanical interventions and coronary artery aneurysm - case reports: Shalima Gautam, DK Mishra, BK Goyal (Accepted in Journal of Invasive Cardiology)
  • Tortous Aorta in Kyphoscoliosis : Shalima Gautam, D K. Mishra, BK Goyal (Accepted in Jounral of invasive cardiology).
  • 2. A rare case report of severe hyponatremia manifesting as complete heart block: Mishra DK, Shalima Gautam, Goyal BK, PACE (accepted).
  • Successful stenting of Stanford type B Aortic dissection with stent graft: Deepak Mishra, Shalima G; Kalmath BC, Sharma A, Kawar R. Goyal BK (Accepted in JAPI).
Abstracts Presented
  • A study of clinical profile of opportunistic infection in AIDS : APICON, New Delhi 2001
  • A study of glycemic control in patient of NIDDM: APICON Chennai 2002
  • A study of use of DES in elderly : CSI, Banglore 2004

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