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Dr. Poonam Gupta

Laboratory Medicine

MD Microbiology, PGDHCM

Bacteriology, Infectious immunology, Serology, Molecular Microbiology, Mycology, Infection control, Antimicrobial stewardship and Infectious diseases

Services Offered
Microbiology, Infectious immunology and serology, Mycology, Molecular diagnostics, Mycobacteriology
Education & Training

  • MD from Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla
  • Critical Care Infectious Disease certification course
  • NABL Assessor
  • Training Course in Diagnostic Medical Mycology, PGIMER
  • Infectious Disease Critical Care Board Review
  • Infection Control training from JIPMER, Pondicherry
  • WHONET for Clinical Microbiology Laboratories – Importance in AMR Surveillance
  • Anaerobic Cultivation and Identification, from AIIMS Delhi
  • Laboratory Quality Planning and Risk Management
  • Orientation towards and Implementation of ISO 15189:2012 Quality Standard in laboratory
  • Application of Statistical Software in medical research from ICMR
  • POI NABH 5th edition

14 Years

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi

Doctor's Availability

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Professional Highlights

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  • Agarwal S, Thakur T, Kanga A, Singh G, Gupta P. Case Report. Catheter- related candidemia caused by Candida lipolytica in a child with tubercular meningitis. IJPM – 51(2), April- June 2008.
  • Verma S, Thakur S, Kanga A, Singh G, Gupta P. Emerging Salmonella Paratyphi A enteric fever and changing trends in antimicrobial resistance pattern of salmonella in Shimla. Indian J Med Microbiol2010; Jan- Mar. Volume 28, Issue 1. Page 51-53.
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  • Indian Association of Medical Microbiology
  • Hospital Infection Control Society, Mumbai Forum
  • Society of Indian Human and Animal Mycologists
  • Sepsis Congress
  • Hospital Infection Control Society, Mumbai Forum
  • Society of Clinical Microbiology
  • Sporotrichosis from the Sub-Himalayas
  • Impact of Surgical Site Infections in Post operative patients in Tertiary Care Hospital.
  • Case Report: Fonsecaea Pedrosoi: a rare case of corneal keratitis.
  • Survey of Health care workers Knowledge attitude and compliance with Infection Control Practices.
  • Incidence of Blood Stream Infections in Nursery in a Tertiary Care Hospital.
  • from the Sub-Himalayas.
  • Microbiological study of clinically suspected cases of subcutaneous mycoses.
  • Antimicrobial Senstivity Testing of Urinary Isolates.

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